Friday, August 31, 2007

Reflecting back... (Journal Entry)

Reflecting back…
There were days I missed home.
Days I thought it would never end.
Days I didn’t think the work possible.
Days I prayed for my neighbors, asking you to reveal yourself to them.
Days I rejoiced just because you are God and I’m your child.
Days I struggled to see that as enough to press on in spite of the difficulties.

2 years.

In 2005 I wondered where I would be, and what would have been accomplished 2 years from then.
Well, here I am.
There are the stories on cds and tapes and Kahani people are trained to tell them.
The next few months of my life are fairly planned out, and perhaps even the months after that.
Tentative still, but there are some good options.
And yet, do I not forget how hard it was during those times of missing home?
I’m crying knowing in some strange way that those goodbyes and times of separation are not over yet…
I’m not sure what lies ahead...
but know I’ll not always be able to be with my family, in spite of how much I never want to leave them again.

Seeing how He gave me a heart for these Kahani people, realizing his grace brought me through struggles with my partner, remembering how He provided story-crafters and back-translators even when we thought there weren’t any.
Looking back on His faithfulness in answering prayers for these people, thanking Him for the strength He gave when I wanted to be anywhere but there.
Knowing that He’ll do it all again…in the next place.
Knowing I can trust Him no matter what.

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