Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Tuesday isn't it? (Journal Entry)

So we went to the tape shop the other day to check on the tapes. We arrived and the shop was closed – with a sign outside saying, “Closed Tuesday.”

I asked the shopkeeper next door, “Why was he closed?”
The answer was, “It’s Tuesday, isn’t it?”

Somewhat confused, but accustomed to such answers, we left. Later, Robin and I were visiting another friend and his family and I asked him why the shop would be closed on Tuesday. He said, “Tuesday’s a bad day, right?”
I said, “Um, I don’t know, is it?”
He said, “Yeah, a lot of shops are often closed on Tuesday. Also, you can’t travel on Tuesdays. My father is away right now, and normally he would come back today, but he won’t because it’s Tuesday. He will wait and come back tomorrow. Same thing goes for Saturday- we won’t travel on Saturday.”
I proceeded to ask, “Who decided this?”
He said, “It’s our culture, isn’t it? I don’t know really why or how it was decided, but that’s just what we do.”

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