Thursday, August 9, 2007

Monster spider! (Email to Parents)

So, Sunday Ganga called me and said, “I’m going to my village for the day- can you meet me there?”

So I went. We were supposed to come back Sunday evening, but ended up coming back Monday morning. Interesting, I had my phone, my wallet, 1 small bottle of water, and the keys to the bike. That was it. But when I was trying to decide if I should stay or not, it never once occurred to me, ‘maybe I don’t have stuff, or maybe I will need something…”

Anyway, we had a good time…probably the last time I'll get to visit her in her village.

Anyway, I can write more later, but just thought I’d pass that on. Robin and I are going to a dukandar’s (shopkeeper) home today….we’ve never been there before. He hasn’t heard any of the Stories, but we plan to give him a tape/cd. We’ll see how it goes.

Love ya.

~ Elizabeth
P.S. Last night I saw the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life – yeah, bigger than a tarantula (I think)…in our bathroom. I used water to take care of it….but still, I was pretty nervous about it for a few hours after that…….I’ve never seen a bigger spider here or anywhere else….it was like a MONSTER spider…..

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