Friday, June 8, 2007

Wanting to be away from somewhere... (Letter to Mark)

Hand written letter to my 16 year old brother, Mark (who just got to the camp where he is working this summer):

“Hey Mark. Welcome to New Jersey! I guess you’ve just arrived to Harvey Cedars? How is it so far? Exciting? Scary? Lonely? Crowded? Hot, dirty? I hope you are adjusting well. One thing to remember – it’s only 2 (or 3?) months! You might as well make the most of it! What I mean is – there will be times I’m sure that you’ll wish you were home. Or maybe even just wish to be anywhere else but where you are. But – you are supposed to be there right now – so be there! Don’t wish to be anywhere else! When you find yourself wishing to get away, look for opportunities to serve him. Yes, even if that means washing the pots and pans!

Now, wanting to be away from somewhere is not the same as wanting to be home. Many times (most times) I wanted to be home really bad, but I also wanted to be here. And I think that is ok. Of course you’ll miss home and family. You’re allowed to miss them. It’s natural. If you don’t miss them, it’s not because you’re just tough and macho and can handle it. That’s what I first thought. I thought if I can withstand getting homesick, then that means I’m strong and such. But no – what it means is that you’re prideful and trying to fight a losing battle. Missing home is good and fine. As long as it doesn’t then lead you too far – so that you end up disliking the place where you are. That’s when you have to be careful. Be content where you are, but don’t dismiss your longing for home. And remember that Mommy (And Daddy!) want to know that you miss them!!

Alright, I’ll stop now. Perhaps you’re like, ‘uh, I just got here, I’m loving it and I don’t miss home at all! If that’s the case, just save this card for later! :)

Love you,


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